SaferLadder by Victory Kustom ~ ladder safety

SaferLadder Ladder Stabilizer

Vastly Increases Ladder Stability

  •  Eliminates Ladder Slip Out
  • Eliminates Ladder Blow Back
  • Eliminates Ladder Falling to the LT or RT

Will Not Damage Shingles or Gutters

Ladder Never Touches Shingles
Ladder Never Touches Gutters
Clamps & SL Feet are Padded 

roof inspection / safety equipment

Quick & Simple Set Up / Take Down

  • No Tools or Equipment Needed
  • Add 30 Seconds For Ladder Set Up 
  • Add 30 Seconds For Ladder Take Down 

Brilliantly Simple

Transforms your ladder into an Amazingly EASY and SAFE device for ROOF ACCESS 

1 Minute Set Up

Release clamp from it's mounting bracket, adjust to shingle thickness, (if needed), clamp to lowest run of shingles. THAT'S IT ! 

2 Models Available

SL SuperMod ~ fits fiberglass ladders

SL ProMod ~ fits aluminum laddders

    both extension and articulated

Roof Inspection / Safety Equipment

Permanent Ladder Attachment

  •   SaferLadder is Always Available  

Light in Weight

  •   Minimal Additional Effort Required 

Small in Size

  •   Makes for Quick and Nimble Ladder Placement  

Increased Stability & Safety for:

  •   Eave set up
  •   Gable set up
  •   Wall set up