SaferLadder by Victory Kustom ~ ladder safety

Why SaferLadder???

 Over the years necessity and ingenuity have given us lighter, stronger, 

and safer, free standing ladders.

Despite these improvements, the undeniable reality is that free standing

ladders remain inherently dangerous.
~~~  Enter SaferLadder  ~~~

A light, simple, compact accessory, designed to provide a level of safety for roof 

access, never before thought possible from a free standing ladder. 

SaferLadder gives your ladder 2 ADDITIONAL feet.

Your ladder will have two feet on the ground and, two feet on the roof !!!

In addition to this, SaferLadder also provides an anchoring system for the top of the ladder in the form of a specially designed clamp.
~~~  Gone are the Days of  ~~~

  • Crushing the shingles between the ladder and the fascia.
  • Damaging the gutter system with the ladder.
  • Ladder Slip Out.
  • Ladder Blow Over.
  • Ladder Instability, on transition from the roof to the ladder.

~~~ Not Only YOU need a Safer Ladder ~~~ Your EMPLOYEES need a Safer Ladder! ~~~ 

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ladder standoff ~~ ladder accessory ladder assist

ladder standoff ~~ ladder accessory ladder assist